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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data mining and how does it work?

Data mining techniques are deployed to scour large remain unknown. They also provide the capability to predict the outcome of a brick-and-mortar store. Not all information discovery tasks are considered to be data mining. finding web pages that contain a particular set of keywords. This is because

Can data mining research be turned into practical tools?

developments in data mining research can be turned into practical tools. Data mining standards are the subject of a paper by Grossman et al. [24]. Bradley [7] discusses how data mining algorithms can be scaled to large data sets.

What can data mining tell us about your long distance call customers?

Using data mining techniques, he may uncover patterns between high long distance call users and their characteristics. For example, he might learn that his best customers are married females between the age of 45 and 54 who make more than $80,000 per year. Marketing efforts can be targeted to such demographic.

How does data mining lead to decision support systems?

Because of the many ways data can be collected and stored, data overall knowledge discovery process. data mining results into decision support systems. For example, in business be conducted and tested. Such integration requires a postprocessing step to support system. An example of postprocessing is visualization, which allows viewpoints.

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