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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stata used for?

Content analysis and text-mining tool for Stata Stata is a complete, integrated statistical software package created by StataCorp LP ( It provides a wide range of statistical analysis, data management, and graphics.

How to save a data file from Stata?

To save a data file from Stata go to file – save as or just type: save, replace If the dataset is new or just imported from other format go to file –> save as or just type: save mydatafile /*Pick a name for your file*/ For ASCII data please see

How do I use major as a base variable in Stata?

First we have to sort the data by the variable on which we are basing the id (major in this case). Then we use the command by to tell Stata that we are using major as the base variable (notice the colon). Then we use browse to check the two variables.

How to run commands in Stata from the command line?

Frequently used Stata commands ... advantage that you can run the commands from there. Either , in the command window type: doedit . Or, click on the icon here: You can write the commands, to run them select the line(s), and click on the last icon in the do-file window .

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