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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose file Savers data recovery Maryland?

File Savers Data Recovery Maryland is Manufacturer Approved to recover hard drives, RAID and flash media for our customers in our ISO 5 Class 100 clean room. Our experienced data recovery engineers will work tirelessly to recover your data.

How long will it take to recover my lost data?

Upon receiving your approval to attempt recovery, your hard drive will be immediately moved to the recovery queue where the retrieval process will begin soon thereafter. The recovery turnaround time for our Standard Service is estimated 5-9 days. When your data recovery has been completed, we will notify you by phone and email.

Is your data recovery company HIPAA & PCI compliant?

HIPPA & PCI compliance is vital when dealing with a data recovery company in the state of Maryland because you need to know your government regulated data is kept private and secure throughout the data recovery process. We can even return your recovered data on an encrypted hard drive for added security.

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