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Frequently Asked Questions

What are backup procedures?

Backup Procedures. Durability is an important part of your transactional guarantees. It means that once a transaction has been successfully committed, your application will always see the results of that transaction.

What is backup policy and procedure?

A backup policy clarifies specific procedures, policies, and responsibilities , including a well-defined schedule for performing backups, ensuring a more stable process. It also identifies any superseding procedures or policies that already exist, such as contingency plans.

What does data recovery cost?

Data recovery from a thumb drive (flash drive): $225. Data recovery from a hard drive: $375. The price can increase if the hard drive has a physical issue, and it requires parts or repair. In this case, the additional fee is based on the cost of parts and labor.

What is backup strategy?

A backup strategy or backup policy is essentially a set of procedures that you prepare and implement to protect your important digital content from hard drive failures, virus attacks and other events or disasters.

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