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Frequently Asked Questions

Why CT data recovery services?

When storage devices fail, businesses and individuals rely on CT DRS To get the job done right the first time. Free Evaluation! or Chat now. CT Data Recovery Services is a certified BBB company.

Is your business data recoverable?

With over a 97% file recovery rate on all previous data recovery services we offer, there is a great chance your data is recoverable! When your business data is lost, we make it our mission to get your business critical data back to you as fast as humanely possible. Our business data recovery services are available around the clock 24/7.

Where do you drop off your business data recovery services?

Our business data recovery services are available around the clock 24/7. Government agencies, large commercial banks, colleges, Dr's offices, law firms, and many other small - large companies continue to trust us for all their data recovery needs. Our main drop off and shipping location is 37 Alden Street, #T Hartford, CT 06114.

How long will it take to verify my data after recovery?

When you receive your data back after a successful recovery, there is a 5 day period where you have the opportunity to verify your data after which we securely remove it permanently from our servers. Excellent customer service This company knows their stuff.

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