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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Android app to recover deleted data?

Best Data Recovery Apps for Android DiskDigger. DiskDigger is a free photo and video recovery app for Android. ... UnDeleter. UnDeleter is a powerful file recovery app for Android devices. ... DigDeep. DigDeep is image recovery app that scans both internal and external storage of your Android phone to recover deleted photos. GT Recovery - Undelete, Restore. ... Dumpster. ...

What is the best free file recovery tool?

20 Best Free Data Recovery Software Tools MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Unlike some of the other file recovery programs from this list, Power Data Recovery needs to be installed to your computer before you're able to use ... iBoysoft Data Recovery Free. ... Orion File Recovery Software. ... BPlan Data Recovery. ... Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition. ...

Is the android Data recovery app safe to use?

Answer: If you are using reputable software that has earned its fair share of high praise in the market, the Android Recovery software you are using is safe. All the tools mentioned in this article are absolutely safe for your device as they do not monitor your smartphone or track the data stored within.

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