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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free data recovery software?

Definitely one of the best data recovery software out there, PhotoRec is widely acclaimed for its powerful file recovery over a wide variety of devices ranging from digital cameras to hard disks. It’s specially created to recover data like pictures, videos, documents, etc., from hard disks, CD-ROMs.

Does data recovery software actually work?

Yes, data recovery software can be an effective tool to restore lost or corrupted data. However, it is not without its pitfalls - especially if you aren't the least bit tech-savvy and don't have a cursory understanding of what it is you're doing or what recovery software does.

How do I create recovery drive in Windows 10?

Search for "create a recovery drive" in the Start menu; launch the program which appears. Read the information in the "Create a recovery drive" wizard, then click the "Next" button. Wait while Windows prepares the required files. Connect your USB drive to your PC, if you haven't already. In the wizard, select your drive and click the "Next" ... See More...

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