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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recover data from an USB flash drive?

[Solution] How to Recover Data from USB Flash Drive Select a recovery mode. Select the drive location. Preview and recover your data. See More....

How to recover deleted files from an USB flash drive?

[Solution] Recover Deleted Files from USB Flash Drive Connect the USB flash drive to your computer. Open the Start menu, type "This pc", and hit Enter on your keyboard. Right-click on your USB flash drive and select "Properties". Go t o the "Previous Versions" tab and look at the list of available recovery options. Select a previous version and click "Restore". See More....

How do you unlock a flash drive?

To unlock a USB flash drive under the protection of USB Security is easy and simple. Firstly, plug your USB disk into a computer, then open the disk, and run the “USBSecurity.exe” program in it. Enter your password in the prompt window. Click on “Unprotected this drive” or “Open in virtual drive”...

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