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Frequently Asked Questions

What degree do you need to become a data scientist?

At least a bachelor's degree is required to become a data scientist, and a master's degree is recommended, but it doesn't have to be a degree specifically in data science, says Professor Sue Metzger, an instructor in management information systems (MIS) at Villanova University.

What do data scientists study in college as majors?

Data scientists come from a wide range of educational backgrounds, but the majority of them will have technical schooling of some kind. Data science degrees include a wide range of computer-related majors, but it could also include areas of math and statistics.

Why is Master of Science in data science?

A master's in data science is an interdisciplinary degree program designed to prepare students for a data focused career. The coursework focus is on computer science, math, and statistics. There are both full-time and part-time options available depending your timeline and budget.

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