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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do data science boot camps take place?

The boot camps are offered in cities around the world. The Data Science for Social Good’s summer fellowship recruits aspiring data scientists from around the world to work together for 3 months on projects with social impact.

What is data science and visualization boot camp?

Northwestern Data Science and Visualization Boot Camp puts the student experience first, teaching you the knowledge and skills to conduct analytics on a wide array of real-world problems. In just 24 weeks, you’ll journey through a challenging curriculum and gain the specialized skills needed to analyze Big Data and turn it into clear insights.

Do data science boot camps look good on a resume?

The other pertinent consideration is that while data science boot camps may look good on your resume, and you might be introduced to possible employers, they don’t replace the almighty STEM degree. Plus, many boot camps have prerequisites for entry, even if it’s only basic knowledge of R, Python, and SQL along with college-level statistics.

What is a big data boot camp?

Cetriq’s Big Data boot camp is led by Hadoop consultants, who give hands-on experience to teach the foundational and practical knowledge necessary for Big Data usage.

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