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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any coding bootcamps that accept GI Bill benefits?

A GI Bill benefit approved Coding bootcamp that offers Full Stack Web Development, Java & Cloud Computing and Data Analytics courses. The Software Guild is a coding bootcamps approved to accept GI Bill® benefits, through the approval of the Kentucky Approving Agency for Veterans Education.

Are the Dev accelerators programs covered by the GI Bill?

The Dev Accelerators programs are for experienced developers (1-3 years of coding experience). The first veteran to attend Coding Dojo using GI Bill benefits provides his experience starting with obtaining the COE (certificate of eligibility) to attending. The Deep Dive Fullstack and Deep Dive .NET bootcamps are eligible for GI Bill benefits.

Does devpoint labs accept the GI Bill?

As of September 2017, DevPoint Labs in Salt Lake City accepts the GI Bill as part of their partnership with the University of Utah. As of November 2017, Coding Dojo accepts the GI Bill at its Seattle campus. As of November 2017, devCodecamp accepts the GI Bill at their Milwaukee campus.

Is there a GI Bill program for web design?

VA Authorized for GI Bill use. Part-time and full-time immersion programs offered for web design, data science, iOs development, and more. Offers five 27-week in-person courses covering Ruby and Rails, CSS and Design, C# and .Net, and Java and Android. Partner companies include Livingsocial and Cloubability.

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