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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rutgers Data Science Bootcamp?

Offered online, Rutgers Data Science Bootcamp was designed for busy, working professionals like you. We understand that you need the flexibility to fit your education around your existing work and life commitments, but we also know that accountability is needed to help you become a data professional.

What is the online Data Science Bootcamp?

The Online Data Science Bootcamp provides a comprehensive set of learning materials including lecture videos, slide decks, homework assignments with solutions and explanations, code reviews, jump-start sessions, and a selection of industry talks, online webinars and interactive meetups.

What is the data analytics bootcamp-online?

The 12-week Data Analytics Bootcamp - Online is an interactive distance learning program. It is an accelerated training program in which students learn the major tools and methods for performing data analyses and apply them to various projects typically found in real-life business situations.

What are the best Python bootcamps for data science?

Byte Academy, founded in 2014 as the first program to offer a full-stack Python software development bootcamp in New York City, offers industry-oriented, outcomes-focused education. Byte Academy offers an applied program with practical learning and live instruction to join the ranks of the best data science bootcamps.

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