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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best university for data science?

Stanford University offers some of the most prestigious graduate programming in the country, including Stanford’s residential Master’s of Science in Statistics: Data Science, which is a response to the escalation of Big Data’s influence on the disciplines of engineering and the applied sciences.

What is a master degree in UK?

Masters in UK. A master's degree offers specialization in a particular field of study. Masters courses at UK universities are rapidly becoming one of the popular options for students across the globe as the universities offer an excellent course curriculum, exceptional teaching methods and wide-ranging practical exposure.

What is MS in data science?

MS in Data Science/Computational Data Science is a more recent addition to the list of programs offered by universities to cater to the growing demand for "Big Data" specialists. In many universities, Data Science is a specialization/track under MIS. However, some have started to offer independent programs.

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