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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in demographic data?

Demographic factors are personal characteristics are used to collect and evaluate data on people in a given population. Typical factors include age, gender, marital status, race, education, income and occupation. Governments use analysis of the demographics makeup in a population to plan strategies and ongoing public service programs.

What are the sources of demographic data?

i. Primary sources of the demographic data are the census, the surveys, the registrations, migration reports, estimates and projections of which the census continues to be the most important single source of basic data for population geographers.

What does demographic data mean?

Demographic Data. Definition - What does Demographic Data mean? Demographic data refers to data that is statistically socio-economic in nature such as population, race, income, education and employment, which represent specific geographic locations and are often associated with time.

What is the purpose of demographic data collection?

Demography. Collection of demographic data can be broadly categorized into two methods:DIRECT AND INDIRECT: Direct demographic data collection is the process of collecting data straight from statistics registries which are responsible for tracking all birth and death records and also records pertaining to marital status and migration.

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