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Frequently Asked Questions

What is laboratory information management system?

A laboratory information management system (LIMS), sometimes referred to as a laboratory information system (LIS) or laboratory management system (LMS), is a software-based solution with features that support a modern laboratory's operations.

What are the different database management systems?

A database management system is a software system designed to allow the creation, querying and administration of databases. Some popular database management systems include PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 and SAP.

What is lab data management?

Lab data management software (often called laboratory information management systems, or LIMS) provide control and organizational schemes for dating and organizing frozen samples, managing and maintaining animal colonies, or any research project with multiple shifting variables.

What are the different types of laboratory information systems?

Physicians and lab technicians use laboratory information systems to coordinate varieties of inpatient and outpatient medical testing, including hematology, chemistry, immunology and microbiology.

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