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Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect to a database using JavaScript?

For Javascript to make a direct connection to the database: The database will have to be directly exposed to the Internet to accept connections. The database user and password have to be “hardcoded” in Javascript; Being client-side in this case, the source code and this user/password are fully visible to the users.

What is DBMS tutorial?

DBMS Tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Database. Our DBMS Tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals both. Database management system is software that is used to manage the database.

What is JavaScript tutorial?

Our JavaScript Tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals both. JavaScript is used to create client-side dynamic pages. JavaScript is an object-based scripting language which is lightweight and cross-platform.

Why is it called a JavaScript database?

The name was suggested and provided in the times when Java was gaining popularity in the market. In addition to web browsers, databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB uses JavaScript as their scripting and query language. There are following features of JavaScript:

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