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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delta Lake on Databricks?

With Delta Lake on Databricks, you have access to a vast open source ecosystem and avoid data lock-in from proprietary formats. Simplify data engineering with Delta Live Tables – an easy way to build and manage data pipelines for fresh, high-quality data on Delta Lake.

What are the benefits of Delta Lake?

With support for ACID transactions and schema enforcement, Delta Lake provides the reliability that traditional data lakes lack. This enables you to scale reliable data insights throughout the organization and run analytics and other data projects directly on your data lake — for up to 50x faster time-to-insight.

Is Delta Lake the future of data storage?

Like other aspects of technology, storage formats continue to evolve and bring new benefits to an organization’s ever-growing technology stack. One format that has recently gotten a lot of buzz in the big data world, and for good reason, is Delta Lake.

What is deltadelta and why is it so popular?

Delta brings fully ACID transactions to the open-sourced big data world. Now users have the power to ensure all data in their data lake is consistent, versioned data. In this blog, we’ll review what Delta Lake is and why it’s making such a splash in the data lake world (*pun intended).

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