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Frequently Asked Questions

What data does Delta Lake on Databricks collect?

By default Delta Lake on Databricks collects statistics on the first 32 columns defined in your table schema. You can change this value using the table property dataSkippingNumIndexedCols.

What are checkpoints in Delta Lake?

These checkpoints serve as the starting point to compute the latest state of the table. Without checkpoints, Delta Lake would have to read a large collection of JSON files (“delta” files) representing commits to the transaction log to compute the state of a table.

What is Data skipping in azure Databricks Delta Lake?

Data skipping information is collected automatically when you write data into a Delta table. Delta Lake on Azure Databricks takes advantage of this information (minimum and maximum values) at query time to provide faster queries. You do not need to configure data skipping; the feature is activated whenever applicable.

How do I optimize the layout of data stored in Databricks?

To improve query speed, Delta Lake on Databricks supports the ability to optimize the layout of data stored in cloud storage. Delta Lake on Databricks supports two layout algorithms: bin-packing and Z-Ordering. This article describes how to run the optimization commands, how the two layout algorithms work, and how to clean up stale table snapshots.

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