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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect Databricks to Power BI?

Simple connection configuration: The Databricks connector is natively integrated into Power BI. Connections to Databricks are configured with a couple of clicks — users select Databricks as a data source, enter Databricks-specific connection details and authenticate. Just like that, you are ready to query the data!

Can I use delta lake with Power BI?

So most of the use of Delta Lake is within the Databricks ecosystem as you can’t copy data from the Delta Lake to upstream products like Azure SQL Data Warehouse, but expect this to change as other 3rd party products along with Hive and Presto build native readers to Delta Lake. Details on how to connect Power BI to Delta Lake can be found here.

What is Databricks Delta Lake?

Introduced in April 2019, Databricks Delta Lake is, in short, a transactional storage layer that runs on top of cloud storage such as Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 and adds a layer of reliability to organizational data lakes by enabling many features such as ACID transactions, data versioning and rollback.

What is directquery in Power BI Data Lake?

Direct access to Data Lake via DirectQuery When using Power BI DirectQuery, data is directly accessed in Databricks, allowing users to query and visualise large datasets, without the size limitations imposed by import queries. Power query results are always fresh and Delta Lake data security controls are enforced.

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