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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delta Lake on Databricks?

With Delta Lake on Databricks, you have access to a vast open source ecosystem and avoid data lock-in from proprietary formats. Simplify data engineering with Delta Live Tables – an easy way to build and manage data pipelines for fresh, high-quality data on Delta Lake.

How to secure Databricks?

While encryption of the storage device and column-masking at the table level are effective security measures, unauthorized internal access to this sensitive data still poses a major threat. Therefore, we need a solution that restricts a normal user with file or table access from retrieving sensitive information within Databricks.

How does deltadelta Lake reduce risk?

Delta Lake reduces risk by enabling fine-grained access controls for data governance, functionality typically not possible with data lakes. You can quickly and accurately update data in your data lake to comply with regulations like GDPR and maintain better data governance through audit logging.

How can Delta Lake help with GDPR compliance?

Because Delta Lake adds a transactional layer that provides structured data management on top of your data lake, it can dramatically simplify and speed up your ability to locate and remove personal information (also known as “personal data”) in response to consumer GDPR or CCPA requests.

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