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Frequently Asked Questions

What is @Databricks on Google Cloud?

Databricks on Google Cloud is a Databricks environment hosted on Google Cloud, running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and providing built-in integration with Google Cloud Identity, Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and other Google Cloud technologies.

How does Databricks work with spark and GCP?

Databricks on GCP follows the same pattern. The Databricks operated control plane creates, manages and monitors the data plane in the GCP account of the customer. The data plane contains the driver and executor nodes of your Spark cluster. GKE clusters, namespaces and custom resource definitions

What is the difference between GKE and Databricks?

GKE from Google, the original creator of Kubernetes, is one of the most advanced managed Kubernetes services on the market. On the one hand, Databricks integrates with all the key GCP cloud services like Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery and Google Looker. On the other hand, our implementation is running on top of GKE.

How do I write to BigQuery in Databricks?

Click Done. To write to BigQuery, the Databricks cluster needs access to a Cloud Storage bucket to buffer the written data. In the Cloud Console, go to the Cloud Storage Browser. Click Create bucket to open the Create a bucket dialog. Specify a name for the bucket used to write data to BigQuery.

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