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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mlflow on azure Databricks?

MLflow on Azure Databricks offers an integrated experience for tracking and securing machine learning model training runs and running machine learning projects. MLflow data is encrypted by Azure Databricks using a platform-managed key.

How to manage models in Databricks using the API?

For instructions on how to use the Model Registry to manage models in Databricks, see Manage models. To register a model using the API, use mlflow.register_model ("runs:/ {run_id}/ {model-path}", " {registered-model-name}"). Save models to DBFS

Does Databricks have a machine learning project?

In addition, there is a Databricks Labs project – CI/CD Templates – as well as a related blog post that provides automated templates for GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps, which makes the integration much easier and faster. When it comes to machine learning, though, most organizations do not have the same kind of disciplined process in place.

What's inside mlflow?

MLflow Tracking: Record and query experiments: code, data, config, and results. MLflow Projects: Packaging format for reproducible runs on any platform. MLflow Models: General format for sending models to diverse deployment tools. MLflow Model Registry: Centralized repository to collaboratively manage MLflow models throughout the full lifecycle.

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