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Frequently Asked Questions

What are datdatabricks notebooks?

Databricks Data Science & Engineering user guide Notebooks A notebook is a web-based interface to a document that contains runnable code, visualizations, and narrative text.

What is a Databricks notebook orchestrator?

A Databricks Notebook orchestrator can be executed using a Databricks job on an existing Databricks cluster or a new cluster, an approach that allows you to gain more control over orchestration by taking advantage of additional Databricks features such as widgets, notebook-scoped libraries, jobs, and more.

What is Azure Databricks?

Azure Databricks, a data analytics platform optimized for the Microsoft Azure cloud services platform. Azure Blob storage, Microsoft's object storage solution for the cloud. Blob storage is optimized for storing massive amounts of unstructured data.

Is there a Databricks alternative for MLOps?

As an alternative, you can use Databricks Notebook as an orchestrator that manages the different MLOps stages needed for model training or batch scoring.

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