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Frequently Asked Questions

Is datacamp or Dataquest good for data science?

DataCamp courses are the best option for people who want to learn data science from scratch, whereas Dataquest and Udacity offer a wide range of courses for people who have some background in SQL, R, and Python.

Can students get datacamp for free?

DataCamp's free classroom plan is an exclusive offer and requires an application to be submitted by the instructor of the class or other teaching staff involved. Student applications will be rejected. As an academic professional, you can apply for an entire semester for free via DataCamp for Classrooms.

What is datacamp for the classroom?

Datacamp is a web-based immersive learning platform that teaches data science topics. Beginners and learners who are looking for active content will enjoy their courses that are engaging and have an appealing bite-sized style. Its courses and track programs are geared towards acquiring new skills and pursuing new career paths.

What is data camp?

DataCamp teaches companies and individuals the skills they need to work with data in the real world. Data is the core of a business today. Yet most companies only analyze a fraction of their data, and do so inefficiently. Many relegate data science knowledge to a small group within the company.

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