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Frequently Asked Questions

What is datacamp and how does it work?

Established in 2013 DataCamp is an online platform that specializes in topics like data science and analytics. It offers 350+ courses taught by one of the 260+ expert instructors from Datacamp itself and top Institutions like Duke University.

Is datdatacamp a good place to learn data science?

Datacamp courses are ideal for someone who is new to data science or someone that already has some knowledge and is looking to improve skills or even a career change. The Skill or Career Track feature is pretty appealing if you are looking to be guided in the right direction to learn a skill or gain the knowledge for a career path in data science.

How many courses does datacamp offer?

DataCamps offers close to 350 courses which specialize in topics about data science technologies like R programming and Python. DataCamp is constantly adding new courses and they keep current courses updated with the latest technologies and methodologies. On its platform it offers Current courses and Upcoming courses for learners to view.

How do I open a datacamp account?

Opening an account at DataCamp is free and really straightforward. You can either sign up via your Linkedin, Facebook, Google or you can enter your email and password. The layout of its platform is easy to navigate around. I particularly like how easy it is to find pricing plans from the homepage.

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