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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with datacamp?

Grow your data skills with short video tutorials, coding challenges, and real-life projects. Your personal in-browser tool to write, run, and share your data analysis. Get certified as a professional data scientist and find your dream job. Join 2,000+ companies and 80% of the Fortune 1000 who use DataCamp to upskill their teams.

What does a datacamp ETL engineer do?

You will perform and schedule an ETL process that transforms raw course rating data, into actionable course recommendations for DataCamp students! Vincent has a Master's degree in Computer Science and has several years of experience scaling up the DataCamp's platform as a Software Engineer.

How to become a data engineer?

The Path to Becoming a Data Engineer. 1 1. Become proficient at programming. Before we dive into the tools you’ll need, you have to understand that data engineers lay at the intersection of ... 2 2. Learn automation and scripting. 3 3. Understand your databases. 4 4. Master data processing techniques. 5 5. Schedule your workflows. More items

How do data engineers use automation?

These steps need to be combined to create pipelines, which is when automation comes into play. Finally, data engineers use parallel and cloud computing to keep pipelines flowing smoothly. It’s time to talk about data storage—one of the main responsibilities for a data engineer.

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