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Frequently Asked Questions

Is datacamp free to use?

Previously, DataCamp offered completely free courses to undertake on their Free plan; however, unfortunately, the se have since been removed. Despite this limitation, the Free plan does give you a feel for the platform without spending a penny. It’s always worth trying before you buy!

What are the different datadatacamp plans for learners?

DataCamp has three different plans for individual learners: 1 Premium Plan includes access to more than 300 courses, projects, and practice exercises. 2 Standard Plan includes access to more than 300 courses and practice exercises. 3 Free Plan includes the first chapter of over 300 courses. More ...

What is the difference between datacamp standard and premium?

The Standard plan is DataCamp’s most popular plan that gives you access to everything on the Free plan, as well as full access to the DataCamp course library – over 335 courses to date! The Premium plan includes everything in the Standard plan plus over 80 projects and priority support. How does DataCamp work?

Why is datacamp donating premium subscriptions to charity?

We’re donating annual DataCamp Premium subscriptions to these organizations in support of these communities. This allows us to help people who otherwise may never have known about us while fostering new relationships with organizations that align with our mission of democratizing data skills.

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