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Frequently Asked Questions

Is datacamp free to use?

DataCamp is an online coding platform that offers two free trial options. 1) People looking to explore data science without breaking the bank can sign up for DataCamp’s free subscription plan. 2) Microsoft Visual Studio subscribers can easily take advantage of DataCamp’s free trial offer.

Is datacamp included in a Visual Studio subscription?

The DataCamp training benefit in Visual Studio subscriptions. Eligible Visual Studio subscriptions include subscriptions to DataCamp. With DataCamp, you can learn all the data science skills you need from the comfort of your browser. You get to choose when and what you learn.

How to create a datacamp account?

Create a DataCamp account with your email address. From another tab, Go to Visual Studio Website and sign in with your Microsoft account. If you don't have a Microsoft account, sign up. After signing in, click on Benefits tab and Confirm in the terms and conditions pop up. Scroll down and you will get DataCamp Card.

How much does datdatacamp cost?

Datacamp pricing follows a three-tiered structure. I already told you about the free tier that does not give you any courses completely. Next up, is the Basic Plan which would cost $25 per month when billed for a year and $29 when billed monthly. But then comes the grand-daddy tier, the Premium Plan.

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