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Frequently Asked Questions

Is datacamp limited a high​ fraud risk ISP?

We consider DataCamp Limited to be a potentially high​ fraud risk ISP, by which we mean that web traffic from this ISP potentially poses a high​ risk of being fraudulent. Other types of traffic may pose a different risk or no risk. They operate 106,555 IP addresses, almost all of which are running anonymizing VPNs and servers.

Is datacamp worth it?

Ok, so let’s conclude with whether DataCamp is worth it. If you are looking to build your skills and gain knowledge in data science and analytics skills then DataCamp is a good option for you. The added feature is to follow and complete one its skill or career tracks to get the most out of your learning.

What is the scamalytics risk score for datacamp limited?

Scamalytics see very high levels of web traffic from this ISP across our global network, some​ of which is, in our view, fraudulent. We apply a risk score of 65/100 to DataCamp Limited, meaning that of the web traffic where we have visibility, approximately 65% is suspected to be potentially fraudulent.

What is the history of datadatacamp?

DataCamp was founded in 2013 as a start up company in Belgium. The company was founded by Dieter De Mesmaeker, Martijn Theuwissen and Jonathan Cornelissen. Its headquarters are based in New York and they have offices in Belgium and London.

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