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Frequently Asked Questions

Is datacamp worth it?

DataCamp premium is worth it, but you maximize the use of a standard plan to make sure that you understand all the concepts taught. After completing the seven projects, you can subscribe to premium DataCamp. It is expensive, but its considerable project portfolio gives you a priceless real-world experience.

Is datacamp legit?

DataCamp certificates are legit. They can be used as proof that you acquire a certain skill set. However, they are not equivalent to a university degree or diploma. You should think of a DataCamp certificate as a coding course that you can take at your university or at your school.

What is data login?

Data logging is the process of collecting and storing data over a period of time in order to analyze specific trends or record the data-based events/actions of a system, network or IT environment. It enables the tracking of all interactions through which data, files or applications are stored, accessed or modified on a storage device or application.

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