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Frequently Asked Questions

What is datadatacamp for mobile?

DataCamp for Mobile's interactive courses, bite-sized exercises, and daily challenges can help you reach your goals faster. Grow your data skills no matter where you are—on your morning commute, while waiting in line, and even on your lunch break. Install the app and take your first step toward data fluency.

How do I contact datacamp for business support?

3. Submit a Course Idea Live chat is available for all DataCamp for Business administrators during regular business hours. Navigate to the Settings tab of your group to begin chatting with a Support Agent. If you are an individual subscriber, you can access chat via your Account Settings.

How do I get access to datacamp for free?

Datacamp generously offers free access for educators, all you need to do is to apply to get access to your free, 1200+ hours of data science courses. Datacamp believes in empowering students with data skills for the future, by providing free access to educators.

Is datacamp good for data science?

Moreover, if your goal is becoming a data scientist or a data analyst, Datacamp is good at teaching practical skills like programming itself but you won’t learn other skills like critical thinking needed for this job. This career track runs 76 hours and consists of 19 courses.

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