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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use datacamp?

The Professional plan will cost $25 a month per account and demands at least 5 members. If you wish to subscribe to the Enterprise plan, which has a custom price, you will have to reach out to Datacamp for more details. Transactions on DataCamp can also be made using a credit card or PayPal.

Do I need to know anything about data science to use datacamp?

With our free account, you can only access the first chapter of our courses. Do I need to know anything about data science to get started on DataCamp? Nope! We have courses for everyone, from beginners to experts. Anyone interested in data science and analytics can use DataCamp to learn new skills. Do I need special software or hardware?

How can datacamp help close your data skill gap?

Companies and teams of every size use DataCamp to close their data skill gaps and make better data-driven decisions. Data science and analytics are rapidly shaping every aspect of our lives and our businesses. We’re collecting more data than ever before, but not everyone is able to efficiently analyze all that data to extract meaningful insights.

What is the difference between datacamp vs Dataquest?

Moreover, when comparing Datacamp vs Dataquest pricing, the first provider has a free basic plan while all subscription packages by Dataquest are paid starting from $49 per month. As for similarities, both DataCamp and Dataquest include coding challenges and project-based training.

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