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Frequently Asked Questions

What is datacamp repository?

This repository contains python & machine learning materials, solutions. These courses has taken from the datacamp Working through some data camp courses. This are the projects done by me, while exploring the courses of datacamp.

Are there any programming tests used on datacamp lessons?

This repository is included some programming tests used on DataCamp lessons. Visualizing the history of Nobel Prize winners. Practice questions from intro python course that includes my own commentary.

Where can I find the source files for Python for datacamp?

This repository contains the source files for the interactive course "Intro to Python for Data Science", hosted at Feel free to suggest improvements! Want to create your own DataCamp course? Everybody can teach on DataCamp! Visit

Do the slides need to be unzipped for datacamp courses?

The slides for most of the courses need to be unzipped. Repository of DataCamp's "Intermediate R" course. Data science with Python: This repository mostly contains DataCamp data-science courses/exercises that I have completed.

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