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Frequently Asked Questions

Why learn SQL with datacamp?

Gain the career-building SQL skills you need with DataCamp’s online training. Through hands-on learning you’ll load, extract, and manipulate data from relational databases. Study at your own pace and grow your SQL skills. Loved by learners at thousands of companies

Who should take datacamp courses?

While DataCamp courses can be good for anyone, they will be the most beneficial for the following three groups: People who are planning to start a data-oriented career as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Python Software Developer.

What is datacamp?

As for its features, DataCamp offers skill assessments where you can measure what is your current level of a particular skill. Also, the company has its mobile app (available on App Store or Google Play) where one can practice everywhere with their daily 5-minute coding challenges. Who Is Datacamp for?

How do I join datacamp for free?

To join Datacamp for free, you just need to sign up with your email, choose the course, and enroll. However, you will have access to the introduction part only at no charge. Is Datacamp good? Yes, the company offers value for money and is able to teach you basics of R, Python, SQL or some narrower concepts. Does Datacamp give certificates?

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