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Frequently Asked Questions

Is data camp free?

As there are numerous courses available on their website that are actually completely free to take. Some are developed by the guys at DataCamp themselves, while most are known as open courses. Open courses are those created by other individuals and groups. All you need to access these courses is a DataCamp account, which is free, and off you go.

What is data camp?

DataCamp teaches companies and individuals the skills they need to work with data in the real world. Data is the core of a business today. Yet most companies only analyze a fraction of their data, and do so inefficiently. Many relegate data science knowledge to a small group within the company.

What is SQL database training?

SQL database training is designed to teach programmers how to use a Microsoft SQL database. Many types of SQL database training are available, ranging from simple entry-level database techniques to more advanced system administration courses.

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