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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SQLAlchemy in Python?

The Python SQL toolkit SQLAlchemy provides an accessible and intuitive way to query, build, and write to essential databases, including SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. In this chapter, you’ll get acquainted with the fundamentals of relational databases and the relational model for database management.

How do I create a census database using SQLAlchemy?

Import the create_engine function from the sqlalchemy library. Create an engine to the census database by concatenating the following strings and passing them to create_engine (): 'mysql+pymysql://' (the dialect and driver). 'student:datacamp' (the username and password).

How to insert data into a table using SQLAlchemy?

There are several ways to perform an insert with SQLAlchemy; however, we are going to focus on the one that follows the same pattern as the select statement. It uses an insert statement where you specify the table as an argument, and supply the data you wish to insert into the value via the .values () method as keyword arguments

Is it possible to build a SELECT statement using SQLAlchemy?

Excellent work so far! It's now time to build your first select statement using SQLAlchemy. SQLAlchemy provides a nice "Pythonic" way of interacting with databases. When you used raw SQL in the last exercise, you queried the database directly.

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