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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of Datadog agent?

Proxy: If your network configuration restricts outbound traffic, use a proxy for Agent traffic. Versions: Agent 7 is the latest major version of the Datadog Agent. Learn about changes between major Agent versions and how to upgrade.

What is Datadog-dogstatsd?

This package is used in containerized environments where DogStatsD runs as a sidecar or environments running a DogStatsD server without full Agent functionality. The standalone DogStatsD package is installed with the Agent one-line install command except every occurrence of datadog-agent should be replaced with datadog-dogstatsd.

What port does the Datadog agent use?

A valid port number between 0 and 65534. The Datadog Agent exposes a command API on port 5001. If that port is already in use by another program, the default may be overridden here.

How do I use Datadog agent with Hiera?

The Datadog Agent configuration file is recreated from the template every Puppet run. If you need to tag your nodes, add an array entry in Hiera: To generate tags from custom facts classify your nodes with Puppet facts as an array to the facts_to_tags paramter either through the Puppet Enterprise console or Hiera.

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