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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Datadog agent configuration files stored?

Note: A full example of the datadog.yaml file is available in the datadog-agent Github repository. Prior releases of Datadog Agent stored configuration files in /dd-agent/conf.d/. Starting with the 6.0 release, configuration files are stored in /etc/datadog-agent/conf.d/<CHECK_NAME>.d/.

What are the required parameters for my Datadog agent?

The required parameters are your Datadog API key which is used to associate your Agent’s data with your organization and the Datadog site ( ). See the sample config_template.yaml for all available configuration options.

How do I configure the Datadog agent for APM?

Configuring the Datadog Agent for APM. Adding the Datadog Tracing Library to your code. Traces are sent from your application instrumented with a Datadog Tracing Library to the Datadog Agent, and from the Datadog Agent to the Datadog backend to be shown in the UI.

Where does the Datadog agent load YAML files?

Note: The Agent loads valid YAML files contained in the folder: /etc/datadog-agent/conf.d/<CHECK_NAME>.d/. This allows complex configurations to be broken down into multiple files. For example, a configuration for the http_check might look like this: A special case are YAML files with the suffix .default.

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