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Frequently Asked Questions

What metrics does the Datadog agent collect from Docker containers?

Since Docker uses existing kernel constructs (namespaces and cgroups) in order to run containers, the Datadog Agent uses the native cgroup accounting metrics to gather CPU, memory, network and I/O metrics of the containers every 15 seconds before they are forwarded to Datadog.

What is the Datadog-Agent Repository used for?

This repository is meant to build the base image for a Datadog Agent 5.x container. You will have to use the resulting image to configure and run the Agent. If you are looking for a Datadog Agent 6.x Dockerfile, it is available in the datadog-agent repo.

Is the Datadog agent supported in Windows Server 2019?

The Datadog Agent is supported in Windows Server 2019 (LTSC) and version 1909 (SAC). Note: For Docker Compose, see Compose and the Datadog Agent. Once the Agent is up and running, use Datadog’s Autodiscovery feature to collect metrics and logs automatically from your application containers. The Agent’s main configuration file is datadog.yaml.

How to run Datadog agent from command prompt?

Copy the first command snippet and run it on command prompt. It will pull Datadog agent and install it locally. You cannot move to next step until the Agent sends some information. So lets run our hello-world container again

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