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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Java integration work with Datadog?

The Java integration allows you to collect metrics, traces, and logs from your Java application. If your application exposes JMX metrics, a lightweight Java plugin named JMXFetch (only compatible with Java >= 1.7.) is called by the Datadog Agent to connect to the MBean Server and collect your application metrics.

How do I build the Datadog API using Sonatype?

Start adding a CI process for releases and switch to Sonatype from Bi… This repository contains a Java API client for the Datadog API . The code is generated using openapi-generator and apigentools. Building the API client library requires: To install the API client library to your local Maven repository, simply execute:

How do I configure the Datadog agent to receive trace traffic?

Install and configure the Datadog Agent to receive traces from your now instrumented application. By default the Datadog Agent is enabled in your datadog.yaml file under apm_config with enabled: true and listens for trace traffic at localhost:8126.

Is a remote connection required for the Datadog agent to connect?

A remote connection is required for the Datadog Agent to connect to the JVM, even when the two are on the same host. For security reasons, it is recommended not to use for the listening address, and using for a colocated JVM and Agent is recommended.

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