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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Datadog do with agent check status?

With Agent check status, you can now enable integrations without having to worry about missing important metrics. To check out all the ways Datadog can monitor the performance of your applications and infrastructure, get a free trial for 14 days. Want to work with us?

What's new in the Datadog infrastructure page?

We’re excited to announce the addition of at-a-glance Agent check status information to the Datadog Infrastructure page to report integration issues in your hosts monitored by Datadog. With the addition of Agent checks on the Infrastructure page, you’re now able to see when an Agent check has an error or warning.

What permissions are required to run the Datadog agent?

The Agent is deployed as a DaemonSet, which means that Kubernetes will ensure that each node in the cluster has a running copy of the Agent pod. The Datadog Agent requires proper RBAC permissions to authorize data collection from the Kubernetes API.

What metrics does the Datadog agent collect?

Out of the box, the Datadog Agent will start collecting metrics from a number of common containerized services, such as Redis and Apache (httpd), thanks to its Autodiscovery feature.

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