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Frequently Asked Questions

What port does the Datadog agent manager GUI run on?

The Datadog Agent Manager GUI is browser-based. The port the GUI runs on can be configured in your datadog.yaml file. Setting the port to -1 disables the GUI. By default it is enabled on port 5002 for Windows and Mac and is disabled on Linux.

How do I enable or disable the GUI in Datadog?

You can configure the port on which the GUI runs in the datadog.yaml file. To disable the GUI, set the port’s value to -1. For Windows and macOS, the GUI is enabled by default and runs on port 5002. For Linux, the GUI is disabled by default.

What is Datadog browser tests?

Datadog Browser Tests helps ensure teams can move quickly, while creating a safety net of their core applications. Automate test creation by recording all end-to-end tests in a click through interface. Automatically infer UI changes and adjust tests with the Datadog web recorder.

How to configure the Windows agent for the Datadog EU site?

For installation and configuration to the Datadog EU site, use the SITE= parameter. See the configuration variables table below. Starting with Agent v6.11.0, the core and APM/trace components of the Windows Agent run under the ddagentuser account created at install time instead of the LOCAL_SYSTEM account.

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