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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the datatree mobile app?

DATATREE MOBILE: ACCESS PROPERTY DATA WHILE ON THE MOVE. DataTree Mobile provides quick, intuitive access to accurate property and ownership information wherever and whenever you need it. This ever-growing resource connects you to the nation’s largest real estate database, with data points on 100% of the U.S. housing stock.

How does datatree compare to other property data providers?

Whereas other property data providers require you to buy a report before revealing the data and documents they have, DataTree provides this status up-front, at no additional charge. By simply clicking on the Subject Property tab, you can check the freshness and availability of county data and documents on any property search.

What is integrated datatree search?

DataTree’s always present, integrated search merges advanced map, proximity, address, owner, APN and advanced search features into a single experience. MULTI-PROPERTY SEARCH: LOOK UP MULTIPLE PROPERTIES IN PARALLEL. What if you have already started a property search and now want to look at multiple properties at once? No problem.

What is the difference betweenstarred favorites and datatree?

STARRED FAVORITES: QUICKLY ACCESS COMMON PROPERTY REPORTS. Speed up your workflow by starring the property reports you access most as your favorites. Your favorited reports will always appear at the top, for quick access. DATATREE MOBILE: ACCESS PROPERTY DATA WHILE ON THE MOVE.

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