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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the daughter of Jesus?

Daughters of Jesus. The Daughters of Jesus (French: Filles de Jésus) is a French Roman Catholic congregation of Religious Sisters, founded in 1834 at Kermaria-Sulard, Brittany, in the Diocese of Vannes. Its goal is the care of the sick poor, and the education of girls. Today their motto is "Following Jesus on the road of human life.".

What is daughter DNA?

1. Possessing the characteristics of a daughter; having the relationship of a daughter. 2. Of or relating to a cell, organelle, or other structure produced by division or replication: daughter cell; daughter DNA.

What is the definition of daughter?

The definition of a daughter is a female child that a mother gives birth to or adopts. An example of a daughter is the little girl you gave birth to.

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