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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DBMS and how does it work?

In other words, DBMS provides us an interface or tool for performing different operations such as the creation of a database, inserting data into it, deleting data from it, updating the data, etc. DBMS is a software in which data is stored in a more secure way as compared to the file-based system.

What are the disadvantages of DBMS?

The disadvantages of DBMS are explained below. 1. Increased Cost: This is the first disadvantage of the database management system. This is because, for DBMS, it is mandatory to have a high-speed processor and also a large memory size.

What is the difference between field fields and DBMS?

Fields are the basic units of data storage, which contain the information about a particular aspect or attribute of the entity described by the database. DBMS is used for extraction of data from the database in the form of the queries. 3) What is a database system? The collection of database and DBMS software together is known as a database system.

What is the difference between RDBMS and DBMS?

RDBMS is the form of DBMS which uses the structure to identify and access data concerning the other piece of data in the database. RDBMS is the system that enables you to perform different operations such as- update, insert, delete, manipulate and administer a relational database with minimal difficulties.

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