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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you consider a Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the most complex of all bankruptcy cases. It is also usually the most expensive form of a bankruptcy proceeding. For these reasons, a company must consider Chapter 11 reorganization only after careful analysis and exploration of all other possible alternatives.

What are the conditions for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

In filing a Chapter 11, the debtor presents a plan to creditors which, if accepted by the creditors and approved by the Court, will allow the debtor to reorganize personal, financial or business affairs and again become a financially productive individual or business. Credit Counseling must be obtained prior to filing Bankruptcy.

What happens when a company files Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

If the company owes you any wages when it files Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as long as you continue in the company's employ, your paychecks should not be interrupted. The company will seek permission from the court to continue paying its employees as long as it continues doing business.

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