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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of a pound sign?

pound′ sign` n. 1. a symbol (£) for “pound” or “pounds” as a monetary unit of the United Kingdom. 2. a symbol (#) for “pound” or “pounds” as a unit of weight. Compare number sign, space mark.

What is the real name of the pound sign?

The pound sign is called that because it came from an abbreviation for “pound.” Originally the Latin phrase “libra pondo” meaning “pound in weight” was shortened to just “lb” for libra.

What is the name for a pound sign?

1: The pound sign. This name came to be because the symbol comes from the abbreviation for weight, lb, or libra pondo, literally “pound by weight,” in Latin. When writing “lb,” scribes often crossed the letters with a line across the top, like a t. 2: The number sign.

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