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Frequently Asked Questions

What does divisible by mean?

What does it mean when a project is divisible? ADVERTISEMENTS: Divisible projects are those projects that can be accepted or rejected partly. The following steps are to be followed to solve the problem under such situations: (i) Calculate the PI/NPV of each project.

What is 1518 divisible by?

Yes, 1518 is divisible by 3. It will leave no comma spot. Divisibilty rule for 3 is: Sum all the digits. If the result is divisible by three, then the original number is divisible by 3.

What is the meaning of B is divisible by?

“b is divisible by a” is just another way of saying “b is a multiple of a”. That means there is another number we’ll call c, so that b = ac. It means that “a” is not zero. Often (sometimes) it means that b/a is a whole number. (OK, sometimes not — pay attention in class!)

What is divisible by 111111?

if after dividing them, A ÷ B, the remainder is zero. 111,111 is divisible by 7, if there is an integer 'n' such that 111,111 = 'n' × 7. => 111,111 is divisible by 7. 7 is called a divisor (a factor) of 111,111. 111,111 is a multiple of 7.

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