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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of dividing in math?

Dividend - The dividend is the number you are dividing up Divisor - The divisor is the number you are dividing by Quotient - The quotient is the answer

What is a division math problem?

In the world of mathematics, quotient is the answer or result of a division problem or formula. A simple math problem involving division involves three main parts namely, the dividend, the divisor, and the quotient. The dividend is the main number of the division or mathematical formula.

What is Division in math terms?

Division (mathematics) Those in which a division (with a single result) by all nonzero elements is defined are called fields and division rings. In a ring the elements by which division is always possible are called the units; e.g., within the ring of integers the units are 1 and –1.

What are division facts?

Division Facts. These are basic practice division worksheets designed to work as one minute timed tests or exercise for simple division problems. Each set of division worksheets focuses on a specific set of division problems with a common divisor. Each division facts worksheet in this series focuses on division problems with a specific divisor.

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