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Frequently Asked Questions

What does docket stand for?

DOCKET: Enforcement Docket: DOCKET: Document and Code Knowledge Elicitation Toolset

What is the meaning of docket?

“When we see a substantial deviation from compactness that results in a substantial increase in partisan gain, that’s a tipoff that what we have here is an unduly partisan, favoring one political party,” Fram said.

What is the legal definition of docket?

The docket is a case record prepared and maintained by the clerk of the court. It contains a list of all documents filed in the case as well as hearing dates, deadlines, and documents issued by the court in the form of a notice, court order, or minute entry.

What is a sentence for docket?

Docket in a Sentence. a log of court cases on a certain date and time that are awaiting their time in court. With three cases on the docket, the judge knew that he would be very busy on Monday. “This is court case number 23 on the docket,” the bailiff stated to Judge Judy as the plaintiff and defendant entered the courtroom.

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